10 Best Platforms & Apps for Virtual Events

Taking a jump from before’s way of hosting events, the internet opened new alleys for us to conduct events online. whether it be for social gatherings with your loved ones or office meetings. Name it, and the internet will make it possible. There are even more platforms nowadays specializing in a certain niche in virtual events – social gatherings, fundraising, corporate, universities, more. Another interesting thing about them is how interactive they are designed to be.

With this in mind, it can sometimes be overwhelming to go through available apps and now know which is better. In here, we hope to enlighten you. As follows is a rundown of the best platforms and apps for virtual events.

Top Platforms & Apps for Virtual Events



An all-in marketing-friendly event platform and apps for virtual events. InEvent emphasizes how much it can help you in hosting and promoting your event. From its hybrid marketing solutions that include emails, websites, forms, etc to help you communicate to your desired audience. Besides this, you can even boost event engagement through polls, virtual lobby, or even gamification to amplify the whole experience. Popular for companies worldwide, you can check them out especially for corporate to customer events.


Sched is direct to the point. Focusing on helping you create events online with ease. Feel free to create, publish, and host your virtual event as Sched helps you to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Further, encouraging engagements, customers can browse the schedule and bookmark their favourite sessions. It can even be viewed both on mobile or web.

3.Go Brunch

Go Brunch

Specializing in hosting events for online teaching and training, Go Brunch is the ideal. As a matter of fact, they are one of the best platforms for webinars. Compared to other apps for virtual events, they do not have a time limit for the free version. You also can even create and record as many webinars as you want for 400+ attendees.


Built for chatter, connections and commerce, Hubilo is one step ahead in technology. From their impression session management to efficient marketing and lead generation systems, this platform architected deep layers of analytics and branding capabilities that are helpful for businesses. They also have a lounge room where attendees can forge connections and get comfortable.


Inxpo Virtual Events

Inxpo is for virtual events and webcasts. They designed this platform to create experiences at scale despite the physical barrier. Encouraging attendees to break the barrier of unassertiveness online. Further, you can maximize this in terms of marketing the whole event globally and communicate as well to the people behind the curtains.


Designed to accelerate the event experience online, Accelevents developed an all-in-one platform for virtual & hybrid events. Since their deployment, they have hosted 12,500+ events online with clients and other known companies. Designed for any events, this platform however dedicated itself to helping content creators. Furthermore, they are an excellent solution with delivers high-quality broadcasts and smooth checkout for attendees.



Airmeet is a straight-to-the-point and reliable online venue for your events. The platform is designed to encourage real engagement during the event. They have partnered with 2,400+ companies and customers worldwide which goes to show how reliable they are. You can even curate the whole experience from the lounge area, exhibit, to the booth itself. Quite impressive already? What more if you learned you can host up to 100,000 audiences in here? They are also available both on the web and mobile.


Aventri is a platform and app for virtual events. What makes it even special is how seamless the process is on creating an event, customizing the registration process, and hosting the live event. Besides this, it is also nice how they integrated networking and engagement tools that can help you connect to your audience. Though basically designed for business, you can still utilize these functions for events as well. Analytics can also be extracted as after event report.



As intuitive as a virtual event can be, vFairs make every event they host remarkable as possible. With their comprehensive functions, they can cater to businesses, trade events, universities, or even job fairs. Whatever you have in mind, be it a virtual or hybrid event, they can execute successful events. Immersive and inclusive, they also have chat and other engagement tools integrated to enhance the whole experience.

10.Cisco WebEx

Last but not the least, Cisco WebEx is also an interesting platform for virtual and hybrid events. As promising as ever, they claim to bring 10x more productivity than in-person interaction. In addition, they emphasize their seamless technology and intelligent customer experience. Besides this, security, privacy, management and insights are all the reasons why they are one of the best.

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