15+ Best Wedding Planners And Coordinators In Niagara (Ontario)

Niagara is also a fantastic city to consider for your special day. Besides being known as the city for the majestic Niagara Falls, they have excellent wedding planners and coordinators to get on the right track of planning for your wedding. Indeed, they sure have an established network for everything you may need with their knowledge of the city. If you don’t know where to start, we prepared this rundown of the best wedding planners and coordinators in Niagara. You and your partner will surely find one that suits whatever you two have in mind.

Best Wedding Planners and Coordinators in Niagara

1. WildBash Events

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Wildbash Events is one of the most reliable wedding planners and coordinators in Niagara and even for its neighbouring cities. They are very flexible that can work with almost any theme you and your partner have in mind. Moreover, they have a lovely taste that ensures all events they deliver are with class and sophistication. Visit their website and check out their amazing portfolio.

2. A Divine Affair

Quite impressive, A Divine Affair is a premier wedding planner and coordinator in Niagara. This company is run by a woman who is experienced in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. With this in mind, we are sure that they are as reliable as possible. They also won several awards from award-giving bodies for weddings.

3. Amanda Cowley Events

Amanda Cowley‘s passion for romance and beautiful celebrations sure pushes her to bring each couple the wedding of their dreams. Breathtaking and indeed magical, she manages to transform any venue into something that is tailor-fitted to the couple. The events she helps host are always so remarkable. We also encourage you to check out their portfolio because they’re just amazing.

4. Lasting Events

Lasting Events sure aim to create remarkable events that leave an impression on your guests. True enough, the team behind this company offers a comprehensive selection of packages that you can easily choose or customize to your liking. They ensure that the couple is satisfied with the event and does not stress the wedding planning. Besides all this, you can also check out their website to learn more and see their superb gallery.

5. Weddings by Miranda

@weddingsbymiranda via instagram

Backed with her own wedding’s misadventures, Miranda dedicated herself to bring about the perfect weddings for other brides and steer them away from all the trouble and stress she went through. She offers two wedding coordination services to choose from – express or full-service. Over the years, she continued to impress more couples with her excellent wedding coordination.

6. Wedding Bliss

Ran by a duo both named Nat, Wedding Bliss has been in business since 1996, and they’re here to stay. These two are very enthusiastic to hear about your story and help you have the wedding of your dreams. Truly a bliss to work with, couples usually find it easy to resonate with them and collaborate during the entire process until the special day. From day-of-wedding coordination to full-scale planning, they are one of the reliable companies to trust. With their extensive experience, they sure deliver superb results.

7. Shaw Events

Seeing wedding planning and coordination as fine art, Shaw Events indeed set the bar high in the industry. Also, run by an amazing woman, Danielle sure delivers five-star worthy wedding events for the past clients. She has a knack for design and space and pays an incredible amount of attention to details as she believes perfect weddings are intricately made. Furthermore, she also has a fantastic portfolio that showcases what she can deliver. Check it out, and we bet you won’t regret it.

8. Perfect Planners

Led by owner Vicky Nicholas, Perfect Planners is dedicated to understanding your wedding vision and seamlessly bringing it to life. The flexible approach to changing needs and a vast network of expert service providers ensure every detail is executed flawlessly. Inspired by Vicky’s own untraditional wedding, Perfect Planners team creates unique celebrations – just like your love story.

9. Distinct Occasions

Another in the list is committed to bringing distant events that change the world. Distinct Occasions is more than just your typical event planner and coordinator. They specialize in different kinds of events – weddings included. They ensure to focus on what they deem important, which are sustainability, unique concepts, intimate celebrations and destinations. This fantastic company can cater their services within Niagara and nearby cities.

10. Twelfth Night Events

At Twelfth Night Events, creativity, authenticity, and luxury converge to create unforgettable celebrations. Led by Shandi, with over 15 years of hospitality experience, this team meticulously crafts weddings and events rich in detail and sophistication. Known for their unique approach and unparalleled expertise, they curate experiences that leave a lasting impression.

11. AMAVI Events

If you’re seeking luxury and personalised wedding planning and coordination service in one, AMAVI Events is the perfect choice. Dianna Savelli, an award-winning wedding planner and designer whose passion for crafting unforgettable celebrations began at the age of five. Her expertise and a lifelong dedication to the art of event planning ensures that each moment of your special day is handcrafted with love and care.

12. Lindsay Plank Events

Founder Lindsay understands the importance of creating a celebration that exceeds expectations while staying true to your individual style. Her commitment to flawless execution and a passion for storytelling guides you through the planning process seamlessly, ensuring that every aspect of your special day reflects your love story in the most enchanting way.

13. Peaches ‘N Cream

Dora of Peaches ‘N Cream believes that planning your special day should be a joyous experience, not a source of stress. Planning an intimate ceremony at a local winery or a grand banquet for hundreds of guests? Dora is your wedding planning and coordination bestie. She’ll take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.

14. Blush & Co.

Jessica offers years of experience in crafting bespoke weddings across Niagara and beyond. She’s known for bringing the couple’s unique vision to life with enthusiasm and expertise. And rest assured she can turn your wedding dreams into a breathtaking reality that you and your guests will leave in awe.

15. CK & Co. Events

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Chrissy is thrilled to be your partner in turning your event dreams into a dazzling reality. She ensures your wedding day is not only stress-free, but also extraordinary. She and CK & Co. Events team provides you with personalised service and impeccable attention to detail at every turn.

16. Cloud 9 Event Services

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Looking for full coordination, partial planning, or day-of management? Cloud 9 Event Services offers tailored packages to suit your needs and budget. The precision, passion, and expertise of Melissa and her experienced team ensures that your wedding day is a seamless and stress-free experience. Above all, you’ll gain friends who will be with you throughout the process.


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