15+ Best Wedding Planners and Coordinators In Port Perry (Ontario)

Congratulations on your recent engagement! This is the start of a whole new journey for the two of you. We all heard how disastrous some weddings can be if not well-planned. So it’s best to hire wedding planners and coordinators in Ontario and we’re here to help. Specific to Port Perry, you’ll find amazing wedding planners you can rely on and have the wedding of your dreams without stressing yourself out. Here, we rounded up ten of the best coordinators in Port Perry that you can work with.

Best Wedding Planners & Coordinators in Port Perry (Ontario)

1. Wildbash Events

Gaining popularity for their classy and elegant weddings, Wildbash Events always deliver beyond expectations. They pay attention to details – from decor, food, to the actual program. Making sure that each is perfect to how the couple wants it to be. With their team’s creativity, they take on each project with such confidence anyone would easily rely on them.

Plan in Love is a whimsical wedding planning platform that gracefully transforms your pre-wedding worries into a delightful and creative journey.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly design the most enchanting celebration for you and your loved one. With the tender guidance of our expert team, each step will be a breeze, from hand-picking delicate flowers to selecting the perfect music, creating bespoke invitations, and booking your dream vendors. Plan in Love makes it a truly seamless experience for couples who desire to weave their own magical wedding story, even if they’re unsure where to begin. 


Day of Wedding Coordinator is one of the best wedding planners you can work with. Wherever you want to have your wedding – in Ontario or internationally. Book a discussion with their seasoned team and let them know your heart’s desire. They will be more than happy to help you step by step. Should you plan to be more hands-on and just need someone to coordinate for the big day.

3. Events by Whim

@eventsbywhim via instagram

For such delights, Events by Whim is a wedding planner and coordinator in Port Perry. They gained popularity in making dreamy weddings come true within Ontario. Also, they cater to weddings internationally. With a knack for details and creativity, they are indeed a favourite for everything wedding-related. Truly a haven, they also welcome couples warmly and help them start their journey together without much stress.

4. Something Blue Events

Though blue is often associated with sadness, Something Blue Events bring couples happiness and a great start in their journey as a couple. Offering different packages – from full-service planning, month coordination, to day-itself. Should you intend to be more hands-on or into letting them take charge, they got you and the wedding of your dreams.

5. A Blush Moment

Talk about class and sophistication, A Blush Moment knows and understands these things best. They plan weddings that are special and curated based on the couple’s preference. Also, making sure that they get the best what the couple wants. Further, you can go ahead and check out their website. Prepared to be in awe once you see how perfect and fancy their weddings are.

6. 2 Shall Become 1

2 Shall Become 1 is one of the go-to wedding planners and coordinators in Port Perry. They cater for couples planning to get married within the area and beyond to the whole of Ontario. Putting 100% effort, the wedding planner makes sure that their clients get the most out of these once-in-a-lifetime weddings. Moving forward, you can reach out straight to the coordinator and start planning the wedding of your dreams.

7. Historia Wedding and Events

@historiawe via instagram

Paying attention to the couple’s story, Historia Wedding and Events focus on the couple. They curate a wedding that is of the couple’s best interest and preference. Also one of the best wedding coordinators in Port Perry, they indeed excel in the industry through banking in authenticity and class. Such a delight to work with, they also take the extra mile to be a step closer to build rapport with their clients.


@wallflowerbyneena via instagram

Wallflower by Neena pays extra attention to small details, ensuring the execution of your wedding to success. Offering all-around packages that range from the day itself coordination to actually full-length wedding planning. They also craft romantic weddings that couples love. Take a chance with this amazing team and prepare to be surprised. Have the wedding of your dreams without stressing yourself out.

9. White Watermelon Event

Perfect for outdoor events, White Watermelon Event has so much in store for you. If you’re perhaps looking for something classy and romantic, they got you. They also incorporate garden-style giving it a more natural look that is easy on the eyes. Keeping it together and organized, they are one of the go-to in terms of weddings and fancy events. You can also check out their two packages – be it full-planning or just month to day coordination.

10. LoveLee Celebrations 

@loveleecelebrations via instagram

At LoveLee Celebrations, couples of all cultures are warmly welcomed to celebrate their love in an inclusive and personalised manner. As one of the best wedding planners serving Port Perry,  Isabel Lee encourages couples to infuse their wedding with meaningful elements that reflect their heritage and personal style. She creates weddings that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

11. Planned by Pippa

@planned_by_pippa via instagram

Are you dreaming of a wedding that reflects your unique style and love story? Planned by Pippa is your trusted partner in creating the wedding of your dreams. Pippa Girling, the creative force behind the scenes, with her team, brings your dream wedding to life – stress-free. Collaborating closely with you and your vendors, she ensures that every detail is seamlessly coordinated.

12. Wedding Dreams Decor

@wedding_dreams_decor via instagram 

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your wedding plans or comprehensive planning support from start to finish? Meet Wedding Dreams Decor, your go-to for both enchanting decorations and expert planning services! With over 12 years of experience in the field, Katy and her team understand the nuances of wedding coordination. Offering tailored services to suit your needs, they specialise in both “Month of Coordination” and “Full Coordination” options.

13. Erin Bosak Events

Elevate your wedding experience with Erin Bosak Events, where passion meets creativity to craft unforgettable moments. Do you prefer a classic affair or a modern celebration? Their team of expert wedding planners and coordinators in Port Perry brings a fresh perspective and unwavering attention to detail to your celebration.

14. Platinum Events Group

@platinumeventsgroup via instagram

Your dream wedding awaits with Platinum Events Group, the trusted name in luxury weddings. Carly is committed to creating magic and crafting unforgettable experiences tailored to your desires. She has exclusive relationships with top vendors and venues, seamlessly bringing your vision to life. Trust her and the entire team’s expertise to transform your special day into an extraordinary celebration.

15. Willow Pond Weddings

@willowpondweddings via instagram 

Say goodbye to wedding planning stress with Willow Pond Weddings. Lynn will help you create beautiful, budget-sensitive celebrations. And her mission is simple: to relieve you of the burdens of venue searching, planning, and execution. So, you can fully enjoy your wedding journey. She delivers sensible planning solutions tailored to your needs.

16. Dion Events

@dion.events via instagram

No matter your wedding vision, Dion Events has the solution to make it a reality. As experts in event planning and management, Shani and her WPIC-certified team are dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences tailored to your unique preferences. Their commitment to stress-free planning and flawless execution leaves you free to enjoy your special day to the fullest.


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