How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step

Wedding preparations may at first sound exciting because finally – you’re getting married!

Hurray! However, it can be stressful too. Apart from the overwhelming to-do list, going through each one of them could be a challenge that you don’t even know where to start.

Well, planning a wedding may seem to fill your plate alright but with your heart and mind at it, you’re sure to pull it off.

You’d only want the best for your wedding, don’t you? With a big YES as the answer, we’ve put together the following steps to plan a wedding that perfectly took quite a number of couples beaming on their wedding day. Read on:

how to plan a wedding


1. Talk ideas with fiance

The first best thing to do is sit down and talk with your fiance. You discuss what you both want or you may share your thoughts and see what your partner is going to say. It is best that you come to an agreement first with everything particularly with the theme and everything will follow. Your life together will start with making mutual decisions. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised you’re getting suggestions too!

2. Choose proper timing

When you’re in love, you’d definitely feel the universe will conspire to make things happen at the right place and of course – at the right time. But, you also have to be prepared with certain circumstances. It is better that you both choose a couple of dates and even the time. There are instances when you have to let everything meet in between – the church, minister, venue and your vendors. Better have some options in terms of dates and time so you can still call it proper timing since won’t stress yourself out should one be unavailable. (*wink!)

3. Determine the budget.

One of the most significant steps is knowing how much is the budget for the whole event. It will be easy for you to move around making choices when you’re aware of how much money you’ll only get to spend. You may also set a specific amount for each of the particulars like the venue/s and each of your vendors. It is easier to make adjustments if any of them sets a lower price than expected if you have a guide. The rule will always be – not to exceed. (*another wink!)

4. Organize your schedule

For certain, you and your fiance still have your own lives to take care of before your big day. To stay afloat despite the overwhelming feeling of getting married, schedule your hunts and visits. List everything that you may need from venue to every single vendor so you’d know which to tick off once done or save some space for a few notes. Organizing everything will help not to stress you out during the whole duration of your preppin’.

5. Find Venues

You may need to go venue hunting first. A thorough research will help a lot or even a few recommendations. Depending on the theme of the wedding, you may list down what you have found according to each of their locations and start visiting them. Your venues may vary – you could have a different one for your rehearsal dinner (if need be), the ceremonial rites and the reception.

6. Decide who’s in your entourage

Listing down who’s going to be a part of your wedding entourage wouldn’t be as stressful. For certain, before you even got engaged, you already had people in mind. You may only have to make some adjustments in terms of their availability. While you still have time, you may already make a list of who the bridesmaids are, etc. You’d want to inform them beforehand so they will be there on your special day, right?

7. Look for Vendors

The toughest according to some couples is looking for vendors. This will probably take time but with a good research and referrals from friends, you’ll do just fine. In this day and age, if you just spend your time properly online, you’ll find every single reliable vendor out there who may provide your print-outs (save the date & invitations), photographer and videographer, music (ceremony & venue), flowers and decorations (ceremony & venue), wedding favours, cake, the make-up and of course the caterer.

After a thorough research, you may list down your options. You may not just settle for one yet as you still have to check for their samples or portfolios yourself or perhaps arrange a meeting so you can discuss the price as well. You may even have to do a make-up rehearsal too. This can be tough so make sure you allocate enough time and take down your notes too.

8. Send out “Save the Dates”

While some would prefer to send out “Save the Dates” first, there are others who would directly send Invitations right on. Nevertheless, sending Save the Dates for Destination weddings may be done a year before the wedding day while for local fairs, 4 months would be ideal. Take note, this will only inform your expected guests as to when you’re tying the knot. The rest of the details shall follow.

9. Choose the Wedding Outfit

The wedding gown is one of the most important things you need to give time for. Choosing one may even require time and effort. You may have one made according to your design preference or perhaps choose from those that has already been made. You may also decide which dressmaker you’re going to entrust your entourage’s outfit.

10. Prepare the Guest List

It is important that you prepare your guest list beforehand so you won’t miss out on anyone from your crowd. This too will allow you to finalize the number of people coming to celebrate with you on your big day. Also, you’ll be able to give an early heads up to those guests who may be overseas.

11. Send out the Invitations

Formal wedding invitations may be sent two months before the big day. Having made sure that your guests’ already saved the special day, you’re off to inform them with the rest of the details – the venue, time and your wedding entourage too.

planning wedding

12. Finalize particulars with the rest of the vendors

Make sure to find time to oversee how the vendors are doing with your needs. Should there be certain adjustments, this should be made at least a couple of months before the big day. It always pays to be vigilant. You want to be on top of the whole event so you’ll still have time to relax a few weeks before you finally tie the knot.

It has been a trend lately to add a wedding website. This can be a perfect option which you may insert before Step 7. With how accessible the internet is nowadays, most of your guests will find it convenient to access your website for certain details. Also, you may opt to add a wedding registry so it would be an added convenience on their part in choosing the best gifts for you.

After you’ve made announcements to both of your families and all the gushing of sweet congratulations from friends as well, everything may just sound so overwhelming. Well, it technically is because there’s just so much to prepare. But going through with the step by step guide, you’re sure to have a happy wedding ever after!

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