5 Rustic Wedding Venues in Ontario

There’s something about rustic wedding venues that is just mesmerizing. Perhaps, it’s the nature and shades of earth tones embracing the place. Or maybe the way the place grounds the people.

One way or the other, it’s always a great choice to embrace that countryside romantic in you. For couples who would love to immerse themselves in rustic fantasy, there’s a bunch of choices you can take a look at. Wedding planners and stylists can also transform a space into a country, rustic vibe for couples who want to bring it indoors. Nevertheless, to help you give an idea, we have recommendations for you.

Here’s a list of rustic venues in Ontario that could be the perfect place for your “I dos”.

1. Century Wedding Barn

It’s widely known that history has surmountable value. So can you just imagine letting a century-old property be part of your marriage? We are sure that Century Wedding Barn will definitely bring more significance to your wedding ceremony. Truly embracing the beauty that comes with age, this is definitely one of the best rustic wedding venues in Ontario. Moreover, with the styling of event planners, the artistic ambiance of the place will be further accentuated. Take a look at how this place can be further elevated by clicking their website below.

2. Cambium Farms

Seemingly out of a Western romance movie, this rustic wedding venue can surely make you and your guests feel at home. Highlighting the country vibe, this venue is perfect for couples who love to embrace the heritage of the place. To put it differently, events stylist can add details that represent couples creating a connection between the place and the personalities of the couple. Browse through their website to further feel how you connect with this venue.

3. Bellamy Loft Bellamy Loft styled to be a rustic wedding venue

If you are gearing towards the combination of modern and rustic vibe, why not try a loft-type kind of venue? Bellamy Loft is one of the go-to wedding venues of couples who want it intimate. Perfect for micro-weddings this pandemic, this venue can be transformed into any style you have in mind. In addition to that, they also have sister companies that could provide everything a basic wedding ceremony needs. Sounds good, right? Head onto their website to see how they fit in your preference.

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, Ontario, M3K1Z9, Canada (Sheppard & Allen Rd)

4. Eglinton West GalleryEglinton West Gallery rustic wedding venue

Thinking of a massive space that could be transformed into a rustic fantasy land? Then Eglinton West Gallery is the venue for you. Boasting its 28,000 square-foot wide floor area, this is a haven for couples who abide by strict pandemic protocols. For its tremendous space, this is also the best place for event stylists to play around with their creativity and bring to life your dream wedding. Stop by their website to see their availability!

5. York Mills Gallery

York Mills Gallery transformed in to rustic venueWould love to have your wedding in an airy space but Eglinton West Gallery is already booked for? Fret no more because York Mills Gallery is just adjacent to it. With the gigantic space, plus an option for an outdoor ceremony, this could actually be a better option. By letting your event stylist do their magic, this immense space can be designed into anything you can imagine.

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