How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in Toronto?

Your wedding is one of the most awaited milestones in your life. You probably can’t help but feel the need to make it perfect and seamless. Though wedding preparations can be overwhelming, there’s no need to handle it all on your own. With a bit of help from a wedding planner, you’re sure to breeze your way through it with less stress and more joy.

Hiring a wedding planner can be an extra cost but rest assured that with the right one, the expenses are worth it. We whipped up a quick guide on how much you should expect to spend when hiring a wedding planner in Toronto. You might be surprised that you have more options than you think.

Wedding Planner In Toronto

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So, How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost in Toronto?

Wedding planners offer a host of various services. It’s just up to you to choose which one’s more suitable for your needs and how much help you’ll actually require for your wedding. Some planners also charge fixed rates while others charge a certain percentage from your wedding budget. Whatever works for you, it is important to know exactly what you need as you plan your very special day.

Wedding Consultants: $150-$200 per 2 hours

Wedding planners can be hired as consultants. Consultants are best for couples who do not know how to have a head start with their wedding. Consultants can help you through a one-time meeting or you can seek their help on a per need basis. Some wedding planners in Toronto charge on a per hour basis ranging from $150 to $200 per two hours of consultation and additional charges of $50 to $75 for succeeding hours.

Month/Day of Coordination: $1500-$2500

Some wedding planners are hired on a Month/Day of Coordination basis which means they will work with you at least one month or one day before the wedding to make sure all details have been polished: from coordinating with your vendors, to attending rehearsals, and finalizing all necessary arrangements. In Toronto, the average cost for this is $1500-2500+. This usually comes with a set number of hours and specific scope of work. Extra expenses that the planner might incur during the coordination may not be included yet.

Full Coordination: $3500-$10,000

If you have more money to spare and don’t want the hassle of planning your wedding by yourself, then opting for Full Coordination is the way to go. If you get a wedding planner to work with you throughout the planning process, then you’ll have more to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally until the big day comes. Wedding planners hired from the beginning until the end of your wedding usually cost around $3500-$10,000 and some other charges 10-15% of your wedding budget depending on the scale of your wedding and the experience of the planner.

While these options provide you with flexibility, remember that no amount can replace the peace of mind you’ll get from a well-organized and coordinated wedding. These cost estimates largely depend on the complexity of your wedding ideas, the amount of coordination needed, and your planner’s experience. At the end of the day, they can play an integral part in making your dream wedding come true.


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