Top Wedding Photographers in Toronto

You can never turn back time.

Yes, this is very true. This means that whatever moments we have today will never be replicated. However, it can be stored and cherished. How? Through the best imagery possible.

The reason why we resort to taking photos on our phones every single day isn’t to merely use it for social media but also to store memories that we will never experience again. If we want to remember ordinary days and everyday activities that we do, how much more for a very special event like a wedding?

No wonder couples spend thousands of dollars just to make sure that their wedding’s documentation isn’t just complete but the images are captured featuring real emotions and unforgettable moments.

In this article, we will feature the top wedding photographers in Toronto who will help store every emotional moment of your wedding day. So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in the area, you are definitely on the right page!

1.Emblaze Photography


Emblaze Photography specializes in providing a clean and wonderful aesthetic to any couple seeking a minimally aesthetic vibe for their projects ranging from weddings, commercial photography, and beauty shoots. Located around the Greater Toronto Area, Emblaze Photography has a diverse team of experts that will help ensure that you will have the perfect wedding shoot or the penultimate portrait shoot for your brand.


2. Knorth Photography

Knorth Photography

Experience is indeed a great teacher! Karri North of Knorth Photography started taking lovely pictures at 12 years old. From then on, she developed her passion which eventually turned into a career. She shoots engagements and weddings aiming to provide timeless reminders to the couple about their unforgettable moments. Aside from being featured in various wedding resources, she is also a recipient of an award from the Wedding Photojournalist Association.


3. Ben Kane Photography

Ben Kane Photography

Ben’s passion for photography motivated him to turn it into a full-time business following his studies in film school, lighting, and cinematography. He has a positive attitude which makes his photo sessions fun and relaxed. He takes beautiful, powerful and candid images of weddings and other events. Like Siva, Ben is also an award-winning member of Fearless Photographers.


4. Andes Lo Photography

Andes Lo Photography

When Andes Lo first used a camera in 2002, he honed his craft in photography and developed his skill. Because of this, he is known as one of the top photographers in Toronto. When doing a project, he makes sure that he creates a bond with his clients to make the photo shoot more comfortable and fun. He also received many different awards and he won photo contests mostly under the wedding category.


5. EM Photography

EM Photography

Most of his wedding photos are for Hindu weddings- rich in culture and full of colors! Mugu Sundaran could capture all the emotions not just of the bride and groom but also of the guests and their loved ones. Merely looking at the photos will make you appreciate the effort that Mugu puts in every shoot!


6. Avangard Photography

Avangard Photography

Mario Caputa is the person behind the lens of Avangard Photography. Aside from weddings, he also works on photojournalism and fine-art photography. He calls himself a storyteller since he believes that every wedding photo has a story to tell. He wants to show the celebration of love as two people make their lifetime vows. During weddings, his goal is to capture every intimate moment as they unfold. Mario is an award-winning member of Fearless Photographers, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, and Wedding Photojournalist Association.


7. Amy Cheshire Photography

Amy Cheshire Photography

Amy has been taking photos for weddings for the past 10 years. Her favorite thing to document is the connection of two different people who will soon become one! It is her goal to show you the beauty of love through the photographs she takes. She also wants you to look back on the photos which will serve as a reminder of how you felt that moment. Amy wants you to be comfortable with her, to have a fun and relaxed session while she captures your unique connection.


8. The Westend Studio

The Westend Studio

Founded by renowned artist, Johnathan Ball, The Westend Studio is one of Toronto’s premier wedding photography studios. Jonathan’s work was featured in New York, England, and many other Toronto galleries. The studio has been published and revered in different publications both online and offline. Jonathan will capture the moments and the memories of your special day which will no doubt be the greatest gift you can receive on your wedding day.


9. Motion D Photography

Motion D Photography

Denis of Motion D Photography changed his view in life the moment he took hold of a camera. He considers every single moment and every second precious and he wants to capture all of it to preserve it. He wants to share those special moments with you especially as you mark a new milestone in your life. Clients are impressed with the professionalism of Denis and his being prompt and enthusiastic. The creative talent of Denis makes every couple happy.


10. MPGS Weddings

MPGS Weddings

The team is comprised of creative individuals who are passionate about what they do. They want to capture the spark, love, and emotion in every wedding. Their photography style is focused on beautiful compositions, great lighting, and true emotions. They can turn anything ordinary into extraordinary with their craft in taking gorgeous photos and capturing incredible moments.

Picking the right photographer for your wedding day is very important because this is the only way that every single moment of your special day will be captured. With great photos, you will surely be moved to tears as you recall every memory which will remind you of how you felt that day. This is indeed a great list of wedding photographers in Toronto. Whoever you choose, you will surely find your time and money totally worth it!

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