15+ Best Wedding Planners & Coordinators In Brantford (Ontario)

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Besides being known as the city where Alexander Graham Bell lived, there is so much more of Brantford to discover. With landmarks and popular outdoor venues, you can even go ahead and have your wedding in this historic and marvellous place! Now, if you’re wondering where to start in planning and have nowhere to go, we assure you that there’s nothing to worry about.

Ideal for outdoor weddings, we rounded up 15+ of the best wedding planners and coordinators in Brantford that you can work with. Each is an expert in what they do and with various styles that you can work with. Without further ado, let’s go ahead with the list!

Best Wedding Planners & Coordinators in Brantford (Ontario)

1. Wildbash Events

It’s rare to find an excellent team that can do almost anything and at the same time, understand you best. But with Wildbash Events, you get everything in one and more. They are excellent at what they do and quite gaining a reputation in the industry. Besides this, they also have an impressive network with wedding decor and florists that’ll help them bring your dreams into reality. Book a consultation with this superb team and we assure you that you won’t regret anything.

2. Celebration Events Management

Go fancy and big with Celebration Events Management! They deliver bespoke events that range from weddings to other special occasions. Also, they are very specific to their set niche which is African and Caribbean. One of the best coordinators in Brantford and more, they are worth checking out and bliss to work with.

3. August in Bloom

There is no need for August to come just to witness love bloom. August in Bloom represents that even when things fall (during autumn), love still blooms immensely. With this in mind, it’s no longer a surprise how lovely the wedding events they handled are in the past. Each special on their own – showcasing the couple’s story and personality communicated best by their team.

4. Maeck Weddings 

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Whether you’ve spent years envisioning every detail or you’re starting with a blank canvas, Maeck Weddings will guide you through the wedding planning process. Michelle and lead planner Alysha specialise in translating your ideas into a seamless, stress-free celebration that exceeds your expectations. From venue selection to vendor coordination and everything in between, the team handles all the details so you can focus on creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.

It’s a fine time to embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding day!

Plan In Love impresses with its vast array of wedding planning resources, including elegant planners, customizable templates, and all the essential elements you need for your big day. Each resource features various design styles, ensuring a perfect match with your wedding theme. By joining their community, you’ll gain access to a carefully curated collection of over 500 premium templates, thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind. Say farewell to disorganization and embrace the tranquillity that comes with knowing every detail is expertly managed.

5. Day of Wedding Coordinator

If you are planning to be more hands-on for your big day, it might still be a good idea to get your very own coordinator. Day of Wedding Coordinator is an excellent choice for this. Truly professional and reliable! You can just give them a brief along with the schedule and what you anticipate or how you want things to go. They’ll take charge and execute it exactly that way or in an even better way actually.

6. Anita’s Events

Working with the couple’s dream wedding as the vision, Anita’s Event tailors each detail to paint that into a bigger picture and in real life. They cater straight-to-the-point packages from full-service, destination weddings, corporate and special events. They are also hailed as one of the best planners in the industry in 2019.

7. Brocade Events

Not just in Ontario, Brocade Events cater to weddings of any size and anywhere. Whether it be intimate backyard weddings to grand destination weddings, they got you. Besides their proven planning and coordinating skills from testimonials, they are also awarded and acknowledged by industry leaders and media over the years.

8. Classic Affairs by Jenna

Classic Affairs by Jenna is one of the best coordinators in Brantford and more. Truly professionals, they have been a crowd-favourite for many years and still continue to expand the area they service. With their remarkable approach to wedding decors and execution, they became a dream team to work with. If you haven’t attended any wedding planned by them, we highly encourage you to check out their portfolio now.

9. Events by Elena

Another award-winning wedding coordinator in Brantford or anywhere in Ontario, Events by Elena is definitely an excellent choice. They have comprehensive packages to choose from – whether you’re into micro and intimate weddings or even lavish and fancy ones. Also flexible, they are also game to whatever decor you’re into. With their flair for design and attention to detail, we know indeed that they’ll deliver well.

10. Pink Media

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It doesn’t mean that with pink on their name, they’ll just go pink on everything. Pink Media is everything fancy and feminine. They have several packages to choose from – most straightforward and can fit well to people who want their wedding as simple as possible. Besides their wedding clients, they also accommodate planning for corporate or social events. Check out their portfolio and see more of what they can offer.

11. Posh Events & Co.

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Meet Neha of Posh Events & Co. She’s dedicated to bringing your fairytale wedding to life. Known for her calm, patient, and friendly demeanor, Neha goes beyond the role of planner, forming lasting friendships with her couples. And meet Jay. He brings organization, creativity, and a dash of fun to every planning session. Get ready to laugh, relax, and create unforgettable memories with these two incredible wedding planners and coordinators serving Brantford.

12. CK & Co. Events

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Stress-free weddings and events start at CK & Co. Events. Chrissy highlights personalised experiences and unforgettable moments in every wedding she handles. She aims to bring your dreams to life and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. She has an eye for detail and creativity, but also has the skills to budget your wedding.

13. Cloud 9 Event Services

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Bringing your vision to light, Cloud 9 Event Services specialises in memorable, distinct, and unique events tailored to your needs. Led by Meliss with a team of trusted wedding planners and coordinators in Brantford, Cloud 9 offers a range of packages, from full wedding coordination to day-of management, ensuring every detail is organized to perfection.

14. Style & Elegance

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Style & Elegance Events prides itself on being more than just planners – they’re your trusted confidants, your creative collaborators, and your unwavering support system throughout the entire journey. Owner and lead planner Afzia will transform your wedding day into a breathtaking celebration that reflects your unique love story. And she’ll deliver a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

15. AMAVI Events

Your wedding, your way – that’s the philosophy at AMAVI Events. Led by award-winning planner and designer Dianna Savelli, they specialises in loved luxury and handcrafted experiences. With a passion for planning events that reflect your true essence, Dianna works closely with clients to bring their visions to life, ensuring every detail is meticulously curated.

16. Pink Confetti Events

At Pink Confetti Events, your happiness and satisfaction are top priorities. With a passion for creating lifelong memories, the team at Pink Confetti handles every aspect of event planning, from start to finish. Their knack for understanding the needs of both partners, they’re your go-to wedding planners and coordinators for executing the wedding of your dreams.


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