15 Best Wedding Planners & Coordinators In Oshawa (Ontario)

Weddings should be perfect as they can be the most magical event in a person’s life. And to have this kind of wedding, you should find the best wedding planners and coordinators in your area that suits you and your taste! Here we listed some of the best planners and coordinators in Ontario. We will make it easier by compiling them and having various choices to achieve the wedding you desire!

10 Best Wedding Planners & Coordinators in Oshawa (Ontario)

1. Wildbash Events

One of the best wedding coordinators and planners, as referred by many, Wildbash Events is perfect for you! As Toronto’s premier wedding team, they commit to taking the hassle off of the couple and delivering an ideal event aligned to their client’s preferences and budget! Clients choose from their three wedding packages, but they are also open to custom wedding planning for elaborate requests of the couple—no need to stress out with their superb planning skills and eye for design.

  • Website: www.wildbashevents.ca 
  • Email: hello@wildbashevents.ca
  • Address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 5, North York, ON M3K1Z9

2. A Tale of Two

A Tale of Two aims to give an amazing and unique wedding for couples getting married. Will do so what you prefer in your wedding and will help you celebrate an event that will indeed reflect what you like and who you are. They are certainly one of the best planners and coordinators in Oshawa that can bring to life the wedding of your dreams!

3. Smith-Jordan Events

@smithjordanevents via instagram

Smith-Jordan Events is one of the best coordinators in Oshawa as they aim to give you a wedding that will reflect the couple’s personalities. They will make sure that the couple should look back in their memory with this wedding on how it is so beautiful and unforgettable. At your wedding, you should be focusing on yourself and your partner. Let them handle your wedding. They will make your dream wedding happen!

4. Erin Bosak Events

Erin Bosak Events is one of the best planners not just because they are good at it, but are also very experienced! With over ten years of service to different clients, they definitely learned how to execute a fantastic wedding according to your desire. They will also make sure that you will only focus on your big day as they’ll gracefully handle the event. A less stressful and beautiful wedding is what every couple needs, make that happen by choosing this company!

5. Dion Events

@dion.events via instagram

An award-winning planner, Dion Events makes sure that your preferred wedding will be unique for you and your partner. Not only weddings, but they also offer to cater to other types of events too! Definitely trustworthy, this company is reliable. They are very flexible. Their team’s mission is to provide you with the best wedding you can have in your life! They can go with your preferred designs and touches. At the same time, take note of the budget, so you do not worry as they will still make it look perfect.

6. Planned by Pippa

@planned_by_pippa via instagram

Pippa Girling executes the wedding you desire through their experience in the industry. One of the best coordinators in Oshawa, they also encourage their clients to relax and enjoy the event. Moreover, their promise to take the pressure off of you and your partner remains top of mind. Have the wedding of your dreams without stressing yourself out.

7. White Watermelon Event

One of the best wedding planners and coordinators in Oshawa! White Watermelon Event aims to give life to your ideas, helping them be uniquely beautiful. They also make sure that every event will follow what the couple wants and always reflect them beautifully. A less stressful and happier event came true by their superb team.

8. PinkRose Occasion

At PinkRose Occasion, communication is key. Venessa and her team believe that understanding their clients’ needs, wants, and personal preferences is fundamental to creating the perfect wedding day. Organising the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception? Venessa always aims for results that bring smiles to her clients’ faces.

9. Posh Events & Co.

@posheventsandco via instagram

Want every detail of your wedding expertly handled? As a Certified Wedding Planner, Neha brings creativity and financial savvy to each event. Her calm and patient demeanor ensures long-lasting relationships with her couples, making wedding planning a stress-free journey. So, all you need to do is relax and enjoy every moment of your special day.

10. Events by Sarah Megan

Say goodbye to wedding day worries with Sarah Megan by your side. Sarah excels in wedding management, taking care of all the small details so you can focus on making memories. With her passion for organization, Sarah ensures that every aspect of your wedding comes together seamlessly.

11. Anamika Events

@anamika_events via instagram

With a true passion for celebrating love, Ishita crafts weddings that are memorable, magical, and stress-free. Her own wedding planning experience makes Ishita understand the importance of creating a perfect day for you and your loved ones. Let Ishita turn your Pinterest dreams into reality.

12. Creating Bliss Events Planning

via creatingblissevents.com

Join the husband-and-wife duo at Creating Bliss Events Planning for an unforgettable celebration. With a Certified Teacher and a Professional Accountant, you can expect unparalleled organization and budget management. They offer custom planning packages to suit every need.

13. Velvet Bordeaux Events

@velvetbordeauxevents via instagram

Velvet Bordeaux Events stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and personalised approach to wedding planning. Their promise is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your special day. From the early planning stages, they work closely with clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life exactly as imagined.

14. SJ Soiree

@sjsoiree via instagram

Experience elevated elegance with SJ Soirée. From logistical planning to design curation, SJ Soirée offers streamlined services tailored to your needs. Principal Planner Jyoti brings a wealth of experience from her corporate background, ensuring exceptional event management and execution. So, you can relax and enjoy every moment of their celebration.

15. AMAVI Events

Every detail matters in wedding planning and coordination. From the grandest arrangements to the smallest accents, AMAVI Events ensure that every aspect of your special day reflects your style and personality. They take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and desires, so your special day will be brought to life, your way.


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