10+ Top Wedding Planners Near Downtown Toronto

How could we possibly best describe wedding planning? STRESSFUL! We asked a lot of our friends who are married and they all agree that you shouldn’t be taking you and your partner’s wedding planning all into your own hands. After all, wedding planners in Downtown Toronto are just waiting to be asked for help.

If you are looking forward to a modern wedding especially when you are expecting a fair amount of guests, doing the task alone would be close to impossible. So we should leave it to the experts! Now, how do we define experts? For us, we should consider experience, creativity, excellent customer service, reasonable price, and keen attention to detail. Now let’s leave that for another topic, but here are our most recommended wedding planners in Downtown Toronto.

1. WildBash Events

If you and your partner are not the artistic type but have a general concept of how you envision your big day, then Wildbash may be perfect for you. You will be guaranteed to be in an ecstatic surprise as you let the magic unfold on your big day – as you watch it being perfectly executed. May it be your wedding or your parents’ golden wedding anniversary that needs day-of or month-of coordination, you are definitely in good hands. Connect with them to see how you guys fit.

2. Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events

Owner and Lead Planner Rebecca Chan and her team may be perfect for you for a lot of reasons. Almost everyone in the industry currently offers complete service and many of them may be worth it but Rebecca Chan definitely stands out. She is a highly experienced planner with lots of media appearances, and her client list includes high-profile celebrities. If that’s not enough, she speaks Mandarin and Cantonese too! If you are interested in Rebecca Chan and her team to execute your vision, check the link below to know more.

3. Pretty Plans Wedding and Event Coordination

Are you and your partner have a not-so-similar idea of a perfect wedding? Don’t worry as Charlie, the CEO, and lead planner, and her well-experienced team will make you both stand on common ground and will lay out a detailed and structured plan to help you envision your wedding with clarity. Having a free consultation with them might help you out to get to know them more.

4. Lustre Events

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you are with the pros- and you can’t go wrong in choosing Lustre Events as part of your team! This duo-team is comprised of a well-experienced planner, perfectionist, and passionate about meticulous design – a perfect wedding companion. With Melissa and Morgan, you can tell your love story, narrated through exceptional visuals and captivating detail making your wedding truly a masterpiece. You can surely connect with them as they are true lovers too. What a way to plan your wedding, right?

5. Calderone & Co. Luxury Weddings and Events

@calderoneevents via instagram

Heartfelt design and planning is their game creating an incredible design that boosts your idea of a perfect wedding. One of the most sought-after wedding planners in Downtown, Toronto – weddings will definitely be given their own personality if designed by Calderone & Co. You would want to try out their style and collaborate with them by checking their website on the link below.

6. Claudia and Co.

Claudia and Co. is your trusted partner in crafting the celebration of a lifetime. With a dynamic and well-trained team, they offer unparalleled support, top-notch expertise, and unwavering availability whenever you need them most. Claudia, the CEO & Creative Director, believes in selecting only the best for your special day, ensuring every detail exceeds your expectations.

7. Ever After by Justine

@everafterbyjustine via instagram

Flawless wedding planning and coordination? Justine and her team ensure every detail is noticed, no matter the size or complexity of the occasion. She has over a decade of experience in marketing and merchandising across multiple cities, bringing expertise, unique style, and organization to each event she plans.

8. Be Our Guest Events Inc.

At Be Our Guest Events Inc., celebrating life’s milestones is more than just an occasion—it’s a cherished experience crafted with love and care. As your dedicated event planners, Kayla and Kassandra create stress-free, personalised celebrations tailored to your unique story. They bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the weddings they undertake.

9. En Pointe Weddings & Events

Life’s special moments deserve to be celebrated thoughtfully, and En Pointe Weddings & Events makes that happen. This team is known for personalised, stress-free events. Caroline, the founder and lead planner, has a background in fine arts and a career as a professional ballerina, so you can rely on her creativity, attention to detail, and calm demeanor whenever she handles weddings.

10. Rainbow Chan Weddings

Rainbow Chan, A boutique wedding planning company, specialises in creating unforgettable experiences for both local and destination weddings. Rainbow, the principal planner and head designer, ensures that every wedding perfectly reflects the couple’s style, taste, and values. She and her team will bring your vision to life, from the first impression to the smallest detail.

11. Attia Events

Rana and Theresa, the dynamic duo behind Attia Events, are passionate, innovative, and always up for a challenge. Focusing on real connections and off-the-beaten-path experiences, they bring a fresh perspective to event planning. Are you just starting your planning journey or need help with the final details? You can rely on their expertise and creativity.

12. Bisous Events

Bisous Events is your go-to for classic, thoughtful weddings with a modern twist. Led by Jessica, a seasoned planner with a knack for detail and a passion for perfection, this team creates timeless celebrations that exceed expectations. Their personalised service and a commitment to excellence ensure a memorable and spectacular wedding.


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