5 Best Downtown Wedding Venues (Ontario, Toronto)

Wedding venues are one of the most important elements in a ceremony as they will hold the dearest people including the couple themselves. Along with decors that are crucial in intensifying that cloud 9 emotion, it’s normal to go crazy over finding the perfect one. Especially during a pandemic, it’s a lot to take in considering that there are hundreds of wedding venues around Downtown, Toronto.

Convenience topped off with its feature, we’re sure that you have been looking everywhere for that perfect place. So to help you find the best match, we have created a list for you. Go through it and we hope you find one that best suits you!

1. Bellamy LoftBellamy Loft wedding venue near Downtown

This quaint venue is perfect to play around with depth and light. With its sister companies at bay, you have a guaranteed experience of a perfect wedding celebration. Best for micro weddings that are timely, this space can be spruced and styled up into your dream ceremony. This wedding venue comes with an option of an all-inclusive package, perfect for a hassle-free wedding ceremony. Head on to their website now to see which best fits you!

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, Ontario, M3K1Z9, Canada (Sheppard & Allen Rd)

2. Eglinton West Gallery

Take the sweet reverie of wedding ceremonies by holding it at Eglinton West Gallery. Taking pride in its massive 28,000 square foot floor area, this is one of the best Downtown wedding venues – perfect for bringing people together and having little to worry about the pandemic. This venue is also perfect for all kinds of event functions. No matter how big or small, this gigantic space can be transformed into anything you can imagine. Visit their website as soon as you can because vacancies would not last that long!

3. York Mills GalleryYork Mills Gallery wedding venue near Downtown, Toronto

For the most rustic luxurious experience, choose a venue that has beautiful drapery, aesthetic brick walls, and industrially aged high beams. And good news because all those are in York Mills Gallery – but wait, there’s more! This venue also gives you an option to experience your wedding ceremony outdoors. Talk about options, right? Also perfect for other events such as corporate functions and other affairs, be sure to check them out as your date might get booked!

4. Distillery Events

Distillery Events wedding venuesThe authentic history blended with the touch of artistic contemporary style of wedding stylists is one of the most gorgeous depictions of a wedding ceremony. And this Downtown wedding venue can be just like that. Distillery Events offers six varieties of space options. Depending on your preference and need, we are certain that you can find the perfect venue for you. But you have to hurry because prices in this gem vary according to season and date of booking. So rush onto their website now to learn more about them!

5. The Globe and Mail CentreGlobe and Mail Centre wedding venue

Take your wedding ceremony to the sky! Yes, literally – because why not?! Globe and Mail Centre is perfect for couples who want the gorgeous skyline of Toronto as their backdrop. Truly embracing the city love story, there’s no better way than having the cityscape take part in one of the most momentous days of your life! All the more reasons if you guys have started your relationship in the city. So romantic, right? Check out their website to learn more about them!

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