10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Every engaged couple deserves a stress-free wedding. But how is this possible when you’re getting your hands full with all these items on your To-Do list? Preparing for such a big event requires so much time, effort, and commitment. Imagine the hassle of having to go through a choice of vendors, booking them, and every single detail of decorations from the church to the venue, not to mention all of the paperwork.

Well, hiring a credible wedding coordinator may certainly take the heavy burden off a couple’s shoulders. Here are the reasons why:

1. You have someone to share responsibilities with

Your plate will undoubtedly be full of responsibilities from vendor hunting, decision making to paperwork, and a lot more. Yes, more than what both you and your fiance can imagine. While you and your partner have other commitments to take care of, it would almost seem that there’s not enough time for everything. Well technically, a wedding coordinator will not only share those responsibilities with you but clear them off your plate. You’re getting a lifesaver!

2. You have access to trusted vendors

Wedding coordinators will have a list of trusted vendors you may choose according to you and your fiance’s liking – from catering to the wedding cake, venue, souvenirs, and all others. You’re saving yourself from the hassle of having to hop from one place after the other to find the vendor that matches what you want. All you have to do is make a choice, and your coordinator will handle the rest. Isn’t that a relief?

3. Stick to both the budget and schedule

Couples would usually have a timeline to follow and a strict budget too. Your wedding coordinator will make sure that your choices are worth the spending plus find you the best deals from their trusted vendors as well. In terms of the schedule, your coordinator and the team will assure you that every single item on your To-Do list gets ticked off according to plan. Ticked off that worry away from your sleeve, haven’t you?

4. You get help from the experienced

Your wedding planner could have probably already handled quite a number of weddings. Pressure is what they eat for breakfast, and responsibilities are their cup of tea. If you come to think of it, it’s as if they’ve been married dozens of times already too! Their experience will equal and even exceed your expectations!

5. You have someone to go through every detail with

Even when you’ve handed quite several to-do’s to your wedding planner, you as a couple will still have the final say. You’ll have to go through a couple of details to make sure that your preferences are what you want. Take, for example, your wedding dress. Should you prefer details on the beadwork or perhaps the fabric to be used including the rest of your entourage, your planner may share his/her thoughts too and will help you down to the tiniest detail possible. It’s cool like that!

6. You can focus

Your thoughts will be everywhere and worry about everything, but that’s going to happen if you don’t get a wedding planner on board to help out. Having one will help set your mind to focus on yourselves as a couple and get ready for the big day. You may check on the preparations from time to time, but your focus is set on the overall progress, which will include yourselves in it.

7. You have someone to seek advice from

While options will be provided to both of you and you may even ask each other which vendor is best at what they do or what better choice to make in terms of details and color, it may become overwhelming. It may even reach a point when you no longer have an idea which is best from better. Your wedding coordinator is the best person you may seek advice from with whatever wedding circumstance you have to face. With them being experts in situations as such, they certainly will have helpful advice.

8. You are sure that someone bridges the gap

Of course, preparing for your big day will take time. Most couples would rather plan as early as a year before the wedding day itself. But it can make you feel anxious at some point! The gap may sometimes become uneasy to handle. With a wedding planner, you have someone to bridge the gap for you and put all the details together. Their To-Do list is far way too detailed to miss a single task.

9. You will get tons of new ideas

You only want the best wedding – you and your fiance. Who won’t? So you solicit for fresh ideas to make sure that your big day is within the loop. Well, your planner would be your perfect idea bank. Apart from making you feel happy as a customer, they too are determined to paint their services beautifully so they’d get more clients. So trust that your wedding planner will share new ideas.

10. You have someone to act as your shock absorber

We can’t deny the fact that you both will still feel the pressure and stress out on a few things despite it all because sometimes it’s just a soon-to-be-wed couple thing especially that it is your first time to get married! Well, even those who marry the second or third time will still feel butterflies in their stomachs. That’s because it’s normal. Your wedding coordinator also becomes your shock absorber. If so, the pressure is what they eat for breakfast, and fulfilling responsibilities is their cup of tea, absorbing stress is nothing but a piece of cake. And that’s because they’re used to it. They’ll know how to make you feel better and just let it flow.

It feels great that as your big day comes close, your wedding coordinator takes full control of everything – on top of his/her game to make sure that you’ll only have the best as planned. After all, it’s LOVE that you’re celebrating, so you deserve to ONLY BE HAPPY on your wedding day!

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