10 Best Wedding Coordinator Checklist

Coordinating a wedding is all fun and games until one detail goes awry and the rest goes crazy too just like a domino effect. But it doesn’t have to go that way. From your own, you can step up your game and fix what needs to be done ASAP and ensure proper coordination is done for a successful wedding. With this in mind, it’s important to not look too far but instead closer. The long list may overwhelm you and therefore leave you too paralyzed to take one step. So get one reliable wedding coordinator checklist and work your way one step at a time!

Best Wedding Coordinator Checklist



Streamline what needs to be done and be on top of your game with Zola’s wedding coordinator checklist. This covers what needs to be done a month before, the day before, and the day of the wedding. Definitely helpful in determining which tasks need more time and must be done as soon as possible. Each of the to-dos has a brief explanation to further elaborate on the task and make sure it is not only done but actually done well.

Plan in Love is a one-stop membership-driven template hub that expertly guides you through the process of planning your dream wedding.

With over 50 customizable templates, you can easily find the perfect style for your big day. Each of these templates comes with comprehensive instructions for easy personalization and customization, so you can make sure it’s exactly how you want it! You can also get access to top-notch resources and connect with a supportive community of fellow brides and wedding professionals. You’ll also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced planner who will help guide your planning process from start to finish.

2.Eazy Plan

Easy Plan makes planning and coordinating your wedding not only efficient but also stress-free. Their straight-to-the-point wedding coordinator checklist is good to help you be on track. Whether to keep track of the progress or even, something to discuss with your coordinator in case you’re having worries. Furthermore, their list is separated from pre-wedding planning to the actual day of the wedding coordination. From rehearsal down to the actual wedding.


Wedding Coordinator Checklist Brides

Brides is a good resource for anything wedding-related. Starting from pre-wedding preparations, they have thorough to-dos that you can use to actually plan the wedding of your dreams. Further, they also even have coordinator checklists you can use for the big day. This can help you also consider whether you need to get a coordinator yourself or not.

4.Hollow Hill Event Center

Another wedding coordinator checklist is quite comprehensive and covers a lot of aspects already. From all the details need for your big day and the questions that needed to be addressed to avoid a wedding disaster. Hollow Hill Event Center asks the questions often left out, making sure that your wedding will run as smoothly as possible.

5.A Practical Wedding

Practical Wedding

A Practical Wedding is an ebook wedding planning. It covers not only that. Starting from the pre-wedding planning down to the big day – covering mostly seating plans, vendor coordination, and rehearsal. Furthermore, this pays extra attention to how to help you focus on the important things and keep your head in the game to avoid getting overwhelmed. Truly practical, their guide is no-frill and easy to understand.

6.Palm Spring Wedding Officiant

Another helpful resource for wedding coordination, Palm Spring Wedding Officiant made it short and sweet. Actually highlighting how important good coordination during the day itself, they give helpful tips on what to prevent and how to handle things going awry. Also, they encourage you to always think on your feet and give your best shot. After all, your wedding only happens once in your life. Might as well do your best, right?



The best things sometimes can be found in the most unexpected places and that was the case for the Checklist. Voted favourably by 500+ people, this wedding coordination guide has gone round the internet and actually a great resource. It starts with the steps to take on how to be an actual wedding coordinator, then working as one, and lastly, how to plan a wedding.

8.All Seated

All Seated is a good and reliable website and app for planning and coordinating your wedding. Whether you are a DIY bride or you have someone to coordinate your wedding for you, this one is perfect for you. They are also emphasizing how details should be made simple and ensured done mindfully. The team behind the website also answered several questions about the job and what you need to know about coordinating a wedding. Learn from them and their experience. You’ll definitely be more equipped in the long run.

9.Electra Cruises

Electra Cruises

A checklist and also questions to help you select the right wedding coordinator for your wedding. Electra Cruises crafted this good blog post about what a wedding coordinator does – their roles and things to do. You can manage expectations and align on the set responsibilities they should deliver on your big day. If you are not getting one, this is also helpful for you to know the tips and tricks behind the curtain.

10.On Planners

If you are into templates, you can check out ON Planners. They have many wedding planning and coordinating templates to choose from. Not only that, each comes in a pretty template that is just fun. After all, wedding planning doesn’t need to be stressful. Enjoy the moment and plan with style using their reliable and stylish templates.

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