Our Favorite Wedding Registries

Setting up your wedding registries involves curating a list of items to help you build your life together. Whether you’re dreaming of a fully furnished home or planning epic adventures for your honeymoon, a good registry is your ticket to making those dreams a reality. 

So, let’s dive into our top picks for wedding registries that will help you stock up for your big day and beyond.


When it comes to sheer variety and convenience, it’s hard to beat Amazon. Amazon has everything from kitchen gadgets to home decor and electronics to outdoor gear. Their registry program offers a generous 20% completion discount for qualifying couples, plus Prime members can enjoy additional perks like free shipping on eligible items.

What sets Amazon apart is its endless selection and intuitive registry setup. Browse featured collections for inspiration, or check out what’s trending to see what other couples are loving. And if you’re already set on essentials, opt for an Amazon gift card to use towards future wants and needs, whether it’s furniture for your home renovation project or the latest tech gadgets.

Blueprint Registry

Blueprint Registry is a game-changer for couples looking to streamline their wedding planning process. Not only can you create a universal registry spanning multiple retailers, but you can also build a beautiful wedding website and manage RSVPs.

The standout feature of Blueprint is its room-by-room guide, which helps couples curate items for their entire home. Partnered with various online retailers, from Snowe to Crate & Barrel, Blueprint makes it easy to add items from your favorite brands. Plus, you can collect contributions for bigger-ticket items or experiences with cash funds and group gifting options.

Pottery Barn

On the other hand, Pottery Barn is a go-to registry destination for couples looking to elevate their living space with timeless and stylish pieces. Not only does it offer free advice from its design crew, but it also provides a curated selection of high-quality furniture and home decor.

Whether you’re furnishing your first home together or simply upgrading your living space, Pottery Barn’s registry offers a 10% completion discount and free shipping on eligible items. And for that extra personalized touch, consider adding monogrammed housewares to your registry to make your new space feel like home.


Target‘s wedding registry program is beloved for its accessibility and affordability. With items for every room in your house, from essential kitchen gadgets to stylish home decor, Target has something for every couple.

At Target, you’ll find various exclusive items, such as Hearth & Hand home decor and essential products like the Roomba iRobot vacuum. Managing your registry is a breeze with easy gift tracking and stress-free returns.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table has everything you need to create culinary masterpieces, from high-quality cookware to gourmet ingredients. What sets Sur La Table apart is its comprehensive guide to all its brands and products and helpful tips for equipping your kitchen. Plus, you can earn extra gifts just for registering or when certain items on your registry are purchased, making stocking up on kitchen essentials even more rewarding.

Whether you’re registering for household essentials, planning adventures, or upgrading your living space, these top wedding registries have you covered.


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