5 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in GTA Toronto

Wedding venues take a huge part in creating a memory that is cherished forever. While indoor weddings have their own kind of magic, outdoor wedding venues are perfect for couples who have wanderlust and find magic in having the world as part of their story.

Whether you opt for outdoor wedding venues or indoor ones, it’s really up to the personality of the couple. Not to mention, how they connect towards that place. After all, as a couple, they have to see the most important event of their lives unfold in that location.  So if you are keen on holding your wedding in an outdoor venue, we have created a list for you.

1. York Mills Gallery

York Mills Gallery outdoor wedding venue in Toronto
For moments you want raw and unfiltered, York Mills Gallery offers an option for an outdoor venue perfect for weddings or other functions. Letting you enjoy the warmth of the day or gaze upon stars as you wed. Aside from this, you and your partner also have an option for a massive indoor venue with a 28,000 square foot area. The variety of options they have in-store is perfect to begin your forever. Take a look at their prices to see which one best fits you!

2. Palais Royale

Palais Royale outdoor wedding venue in Downtown, TorontoOne of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Downtown, Toronto – Palais Royale offers you a breathtaking wedding view of the busy Toronto skyline. This may sound like a page from a modern-day fairytale but you can bring out the magic into reality by booking your wedding with them. The picturesque view of Lake Ontario with the Toronto skyline will be definitely treasured by you and your guests. So rush onto their website now see their availability!

3. Berkeley Field House Event Venue

Fieldhouse wedding venue in Downtown Toronto
What could be more perfect by ending your singlehood and beginning your journey of togetherness with an impeccable outdoor wedding venue? Nestled near a church, this venue is perfect as a reception but can also be flexible if you want a two-in-one function. Field House is one of the many venues Berkley Events offer. So if happen to have a change of a heart, you can definitely check out the indoor venues they have. Stop by their website to see what more they offer.

4. King York Terrace – iQ Venues

IQ Offices Looking for an outdoor wedding venue that could depict you and your partner’s modern-day love story? King York Terrace of iQ Venues is perfect for you. This terrace has a 5,000 square floor area and offers a beautiful background of skyscrapers in Downtown, Toronto. Highly accessible, this venue is perfect for couples who are go-getters. Check out their website to see how they suit your preference.

  • website: www.iqvenues.ca
  • address: 150 King St W Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9, Canada

5. Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex

Liberty Grand Entertainment ComplexGet lost in time in this classic outdoor wedding venue of Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex. Seemingly out of the 20th century, this is perfect for couples who consider themselves old-souls. If you are still undecided whether you want an outdoor ceremony, they also offer other indoor venues. The more options the better, right? Head onto their website to see what they can offer!

  • website: www.libertygrand.com
  • address: Exhibition Place, 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada

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