8 Best Wedding Venues in Ontario

There’s an ocean of wedding venues in Ontario that you can choose from. For some, venues are just mere places that are built to hold events. But can become monumental as they play a role in making dreams into a reality – such as wedding ceremonies.

Couples tend to choose venues that are convenient but some are very sentimental ones who are eager to find a place that has significance to their journey. For this reason, we have created a list to help you have a glimpse and feel the right wedding venue.

1. Village LoftVillage Loft wedding venue

For couples who want to embrace their modern love story, Village Loft by Oliver Bonacini is the venue for you. This particular venue is best for couples who love the modern contemporary approach to their wedding. One of the best wedding venues in Ontario, they are not limited in offering a handful of venue options but 10! Scattered all over Toronto, couples will surely find one that will best fit them. And maybe, find the one that they could feel the connection in. Take a look at the venues they have by clicking their website.

2. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft

Truly a micro wedding haven, Bellamy Loft is one of the top-notch wedding venues in Ontario. Its versatility to be transformed into anything you can imagine is a dream come true during this pandemic season. On top of that, you can also gain access to the expertise of the team behind VintageBash – letting you skip all the stress of wedding preparations. Who wouldn’t love an all in one quality service, right? Head onto their website to get a quotation from them.

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, Ontario, M3K1Z9, Canada (Sheppard & Allen Rd)

3. Eglinton West Gallery

Eglinton West Gallery

Let your celestial love unfold in the airy space of the Eglinton West Gallery. With its gigantic space of 28,000 square foot floor area and divided into two separate areas, there’s no limit to your imagination. With the perfect wedding coordinator, this generous space can be transformed to be the wedding scene you have been dreaming of. In addition to that, the space they have is perfect for social distancing which is very timely in our season, Head on to their website to see their availability.

4. York Mills Gallery York Mills Gallery

Worried that your wedding date has been booked for at Eglinton West Gallery? Fret no more because you have another option! York Mills Gallery is similar in size to the prior venue but with an additional outdoor option. Sounds even better, right? Surrounded by drapery and brick walls, this massive space is perfect for rustic weddings, but with the right wedding stylist, it can be transformed into whatever you prefer! Take a look at their portfolio to see for yourself!

5. Northview Gardens Outdoor Wedding Venue

Seemingly straight out of a romantic countryside movie, Northview Gardens is truly an oasis for homey couples. The venue is filled with welcoming and warm energy which is perfect for indulging couples and guests in a momentous event. If you are looking for a venue that feels like home, surely, this one is for you. Head on to their website to learn more about them.

6. Chateau Le JardinLe Jardin wedding venue in Ontario

Do you want to feel like royalties on your wedding day? Then Chateau Le Jardin is the venue for you. This castle-like venue best fits couples who are certain to make their dream fairytale wedding come true. Offering three options for wedding venues that can hold up to a thousand guests, we can’t wait until the pandemic is over and return to the usual number of guests! Head on to their website to see this straight out of a Disney movie feat!

7. Belcroft Estate & Event CentreBelcroft wedding venue

Looking for a straight-up rustic venue that only needs a sprinkle of accents? You probably should consider the Belcroft Estate and Event Center. For convenience, couples can get ready on-site with their readily available accommodations. On top of that, they also have varieties of venues that you can choose from – whether it’s an indoor barn or an outdoor pavilion, Truly a treasure for a countryside couple. Swing by their website to see more of what they offer!

8. Stone Mill Ballroom

Stone Mill wedding venue in Ontario

Organic materials combined with romantic accents make up for a unique ceremony. The elegance of Stone Mill Ballroom is for couples who want to incorporate a sense of journey to their wedding. The stoned walls will somehow remind of the Greek infrastructures or maybe the historical Stonehenge. Whichever it is, we know for sure that is one of the most sought after wedding venues in Ontario.

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